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Become Incompetent,
in a few easy steps

  1. Think, Say, and Do Negative Things. See problems in every opportunity. Think that everyone is against you. See the problems but never the solutions.
  2. Act Before You Think. Be like George Bush. Make decisions based on instinct, or ideology. Do not consider consequences, nor question your decisions.
  3. Talk Much More Than Listen. Have no awareness that what you are saying is not sensible. Close your ears to advice and be too proud to admit mistakes.
  4. Give Up Easily. Quit upon recognizing the first signs of failure, or, as a variant, do nothing but drag your feet and impede progress.
  5. Be Blind To Disaster. Go about your day, as if nothing is your responsibility. Let others take responsibility for your errors.
  6. Bring Others Down To Your Level. Envy successful individuals. Spread rumors and try every dirty trick to bring them down, or call them by disrespectful nicknames.
  7. Waste Your Time. Since you are an incompetent, duck out of work at every opportunity. Quit early and take constant vacations.
  8. Take the Easy Way Out. Choose the wider road with less rewards, rather than the narrower road, with much better rewards at the end.

Any questions??