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My wife will attest that I get cranky, when I miss a meal. I don't wear a wrist watch; I know when it is time to eat! I like the 21-DAYS OF MELON cleanse, because I can eat all I want, when I want and never feel hungry.

21-DAYS OF MELON is a great "detox" to do in the Spring. It is designed to cleanse the liver, kidneys, intestines, renew bodily fluids and strip-off fat.

Sticking to the 21-DAYS OF MELON is a bit of a challenge, only from boredom resulting from lack of variety. The physical cleansing is accompanied by a mental cleansing as well. You have to just let the inner cleansing happen.

21-DAYS OF MELON) is a means to rid your body of toxins stored in your fat cells. The first part will clean your digestive organs, so they can efficiently process the waste removed from burning your fat cells. The second part of the 21-DAYS OF MELON opens the stored body fat (burns it) to release the toxins within. It requires discipline and resolve to complete the recommended procedure. The really good news is that you are not hungry on the 21-DAYS OF MELON, just totally bored with the limited selection of food. Eat as much melon as you can, and eat often to keep your brain from falling asleep. Remember, you are eating ONLY the melons listed here for the duration of the 21-DAYS OF MELON, and drink plenty of water too. Note, no coffee or tea either.

The benefits of the 21-DAYS OF MELON are quite amazing, including:

  • Reduced Body Fat (a pound per day is common)
  • Food Cravings Diminish (even chocolate)
  • Cleans the Liver, Kidneys, and Colon
  • Gives a New, Healthy Relationship to Food
  • You Will Naturally Cut-Back on Food Portions
  • Curbs the “Food Addiction” Mentality
  • Healthy Foods Will Be More Appealing to You

21-DAYS OF MELON Procedure:


Days 1-3 Eat Cantaloupe (warming & laxative, prepares the kidneys to cleanse).
Days 4-6 Eat Watermelon (cooling, prepares the liver to cleanse)
Days 7-9 Eat Papaya (works on the intestines and digestion).

Day 10 Water with lemon (as in previous page)
Day 11 Water only
Day 12 Water with lemon


Days 13-15 Eat Papaya (cleans the colon)
Days 16-18 Eat Watermelon (cleans the liver)
Days 19-21 Eat Cantaloupe (cleans the kidneys)

Things To Avoid

  1. Do not take multi-vitamins or other products with vitamins (such as sport drinks). Phase 2 of the 21-DAYS OF MELON (burning fat cells) works because the body goes searching for the missing nutrients you are not eating, by seeking them in stored fat.
  2. Avoid activities which require peak performance of your body or mind. It is best to adopt a calm and peaceful lifestyle during this time. You will not be able to perform at your best on physical or mental tasks, so plan accordingly.
  3. Avoid Dehydration – drink lots and lots of water because your body will use that water to rinse your system.
  4. No Other Melons – only eat the melons listed here because they have medicinal qualities needed for the detox to work.

Food Tip : For me, papaya is the most difficult to eat by itself. To make it more appetizing, try adding lime juice to the papaya. It also tastes better (or at least more fun) when blended with ice and lime.

Side Effects : The body and mind is altered during the 21-DAYS OF MELON and you need to be aware of how it may affect you. Not every body will experience side effects, but do watch for them. Always take the advice of your health care practitioner; the 21-DAYS OF MELON may not be right for your situation. The following are side effects that have occurred for some people on the 21-DAYS OF MELON. Watch for these as they may happen to you.

  1. Muscle cramping may occur if your body flushes out too many “electrolyte” minerals, which could happen while the cantaloupe is cleaning the kidneys. You will definitely be losing lots of water during this phase, as the cantaloupe acts like a diuretic. I recommend taking supplements of potassium, slow-release magnesium, and sodium (simple salt) if you experience muscle cramps (be sure to get slow-release magnesium to avoid diarrhea).
  2. Blood Pressure may go very low along with a rise in heart rate. This happens when the body is freed from working so hard to digest way-to-much food in the gut (a common problem in our society). Here again, I recommend the electrolyte supplements mentioned above, start putting salt on all of the melons you eat. It would be very good to get a blood pressure monitor to keep track of your numbers. If you currently take a blood pressure medication you must work closely with your physician while on the 21-DAYS OF MELON
  3. You may become light headed or unable to think well during the 21-DAYS OF MELON. This is usually due to your blood sugar going too low, which will happen if you do not eat often enough. Eat a lot and eat often to keep your brain working properly. If you will be driving a car or operating machinery, then stay aware of your ability to think clearly. Eat prior to any activities, in which you must be fully alert, and keep some food readily accessible as you travel. If you simply cannot get enough melon to make your brain OK, then get some pure Whey Protein powder to supplement your melon meals. Be sure the powder is not fortified with vitamins; just get the plain whey powder. By adding this type of protein to your diet it will help smooth out the blood sugar highs/lows that give your brain a fit.

Cheating, or, When You Must Have Something Else : Your resolve may weaken during the long days of melons, melons, and more melons. While I do not recommend the following “cheats,” the following items will not totally negate the process of the 21-DAYS OF MELON.

  1. Never Any Oils or Fats! No dairy either. Your body will not digest them and you will feel very sick. No “dressings” or oils on the following items, salt and vinegar is OK. No “super green” foods because they contain too many nutrients which will interfere with the fat burning process.
  2. Moderate amounts of Celery, Cucumbers, Lettuce, and non-starchy green things. This will provide you with some “crunch” that melons simply can’t.
  3. Whey Protein powder without added vitamins. This digests easily and will help stabilize your blood sugar. Also try Rice or Soy protein powders if Whey protein gives you problems. You could add these powders to your blended melon smoothies.
  4. No nuts! No seeds. No Nuthin.
  5. Popcorn! In very low quantities, air popped (no oils, remember!), no butter, no “flavorings” other than salt. Drink lots of water before and after eating the popcorn.

Coming Off the 21-DAYS OF MELON Be cautious and gradual as you introduce solid foods back in to your diet. This is a great time to “re-think” your eating habits because your system is so clean that you will naturally be drawn to nutritious foods. Totally embrace this shift! Your entire psyche will view food differently – as a means to good health rather than a quick fix for stress or comfort.

Start with easily digested foods such as steamed green vegetables for a few days; be very sparing with the oils or fats. Also add yogurt to help restore the digestive flora in your gut. Of course, eat small meals more often, which is a good habit to keep for life (it is much easier on your body). You can also resume taking vitamins and supplements now. After three days of this new diet your body should be ready for most foods you will eat. Remember, you are now eating for good health, not for a full belly.

Other Issues, or questions raised by people on the 21-DAYS OF MELON

  1. “Is this diet supposed to be started under a waning moon?” There is no relationship with the moon for the 21-DAYS OF MELON. You may want to start the 21-DAYS OF MELON so that the “water days” 10, 11, and 12 are on a weekend (or whichever days allow you to rest more).
  2. “I have been eating cantaloupe and watermelon and find I have bloating and a heavy feeling in my stomach.” Some bodies will convert the fruit sugars into gas which causes the bloating. A “heavy” feeling in the lower gut is usually just gas pressure moving through the system.
  3. “Can I do the 21-DAYS OF MELON for a shorter time period?” Yes, but your results will not be as dramatic. A 7-day version is simple, a single day for each melon and a day for water only. A 14-day version is just 2 days for each melon and 2 days of water. Note that the majority of the fat burning takes place in Phase 2, after the water days. So if your goal is to burn fat, keep up with the full program.
  4. “I must travel during the 21-DAYS OF MELON, what do I eat on the road?” Melons! Find a store at your destination to purchase the melons. Take pre-cut melons with you on the plane or in the car. You can do this even though it is a bit more hassle, and the benefits far outweigh the extra effort.
  5. “Is the liver cleansing meant for alcohol/drug addictions?” Having a clean liver is a vital step in the process of beating substance abuse of all kinds. Hence, any detox diet is a good adjunctive therapy for addictions. Of course, addiction includes a mental aspect; seek a counselor to help with that issue. But a good start to overcoming any addiction is to clean your physical system, which the 21-DAYS OF MELON will accomplish.
  6. "All of a sudden, I am breathing better. My nose and sinuses are clear. What happened?" You are probably either allergic or hyper-sensitive to preservative agents in your daily food. When you eliminate these agents from your diet, your nose clears. If you wish, I'll send you a list of these preservative agents.

Any questions??