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Mental paragraphs

Imagine a page of text with each word joined to the next, with no commas, no sentences and no paragraphs: just a page full of words with no spaces. To read the page, to absorb the information and comprehend it, would be difficult and stressful.

See the example inside the box that follows …


Now, here is the same sentence with organised breaks …

Written information, with no organised breaks, makes comprehension difficult. Well-planned text, with good sentence and paragraph construction, will aid the reader's ability to understand the information therein.

Many people live each day just like the text in the first box. They rush from one task to the next without even a short pause to prepare the mind for the next activity. This has the cumulative effect of creating a loss of clear focus, decreasing efficiency and increasing stress as the day progresses.

Fortunately, there is a simple and pleasant way to calm your mind and reduce stress between tasks, or between parts of tasks. It is a mini-meditation exercise that can help you relax your mind and prepare you mentally for the next task at hand. It takes very little time and it is easy to do.

Put some mental "paragraph" breaks in your busy day. Between each task, pause for a just a couple of minutes and try this mini-meditation exercise.

1. Stop what you are doing and sit comfortably in your chair

2. Take three slow, deep breaths … in through the nose, out through the mouth

3. Take your thoughts away from your work and just be aware of your surroundings

4. Feel the weight of your body on the chair

5. Feel the gentle pressure of the clothes on your skin

6. Feel the air on your face and hands

7. Become aware of the colour and form of your surroundings

8. Become aware the sounds around you … near sounds … far sounds

9. Rest in that quiet awareness for a couple of minutes

10. Now end your mentally refreshing pause and continue with your work.

When you begin practising this relaxation technique you may find your mind wandering off. This is a normal experience, particularly for beginners. Each time a distracting thought or image intrudes just let it go and guide your concentration back to your surroundings and the background sounds. As you practise this technique, mind grabbing distractions will lessen and the relaxation benefits will increase.

Important note - Do not attempt this meditation while driving a motor vehicle, operating equipment, or during any task that requires your continuing attention and concentration.

Any questions??